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Traditional Litigation

In a family law case, traditional litigation involves filing a case in court for divorce, custody, or child support. Traditional litigation may also involve filing a motion after a case has concluded, asking the Judge to make a ruling on a specific issue. The parties in a traditionally litigated case may be self-represented or may hire attorneys to represent them in court. 

A traditionally litigated case can move forward in a number of different ways, depending on the parties' goals and behavior during the case. Generally, the case or motion will conclude either when the parties reach an agreement or when the Judge makes a decision for the parties. ​

At Goldner Deeg, we know that a traditionally litigated case can be either contentious, involving varying degrees of conflict, or more amicable. Our attorneys strive to craft case plans that both protect our clients' rights and honor our clients' values and wishes with regards to the tone of the litigation. Every case is unique. Contact us today to discuss your situation and the options available.

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