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Our Approach

Whether you choose to approach your situation using traditional litigation, mediation, or Collaborative Practice, our attorneys are here to guide you through the process.

A Focus on Client Empowerment


Every case is unique, and we start your case by listening, asking the right questions, and answering your questions. Your case will begin by meeting with an attorney whose goal is to understand your situation, your feelings, and your thoughts about a successful outcome in your case.


You have a lot of questions. How long will my case take? How much will this cost? What will my financial future look like? Where will my children live? How can I effectively co-parent with my ex? How will we divide our property and debt?


At Goldner Deeg, we believe that information empowers you to make decisions in your family law matter that feel right to you. Your attorney will explain the legal process and answer your questions using plain language so that you feel comfortable and confident as we navigate your case together.


Your attorney will also prioritize understanding and working towards your goals. We recognize that your situation may be painful and stressful, and you may not have had an opportunity to decide what you want the future to look like. Your attorney will work with you and ask the right questions to help you make this decision. We also believe that you always have the right to change your mind about your desired outcome, and your attorney will regularly check in with you to make sure that you feel comfortable with your case strategy.


Supporting You During Transition


Whether your divorce is amicable or wrought with conflict, we want you to find support, comfort, and peace when you work with our firm. We believe that dealing with a legal matter is a stressful journey that involves transition and change. You will feel more comfortable and make better decisions when you are appropriately supported through that journey. In addition to listening effectively and providing the information you need to make informed decisions about your case, our firm may provide referrals within our trusted network of support professionals. Our clients often find it helpful to seek additional guidance or support from psychological, financial, or other professionals. When appropriate, we work collaboratively with these professionals to provide you with the best and most comprehensive services possible.

A Balanced Approach to Advocacy


Legal matters are complicated and nuanced, and no one approach fits for every case. Sometimes, an amicable divorce is possible. More commonly, a family law issue involves hurt feelings, shame, blame, and conflict. At Goldner Deeg Bissett, we believe that the role of an attorney is to find resolution by balancing zealous advocacy and negotiation.


It is at times appropriate to take an assertive position in order to protect your rights. At other times, it is appropriate to take a more conciliatory approach. When it is your personal conflict, it can be very difficult to know which approach will be most productive. Our attorneys have experience in both aggressive litigation and more peaceful mediation. We recognize that different approaches have different strategic impacts, and we know which approach to take to most effectively pursue your goals.


Most importantly, we will always discuss the emotional impact of different strategies with you, in addition to the traditional discussion of the legal and financial impact of each strategy. We believe that this is absolutely necessary to help you make an informed decision that feels right to you.

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