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It is often difficult for parties to come to an agreement on important issues. Agreement is sometimes possible with the use of a neutral third party through mediation. In addition to being experienced litigators, our attorneys are trained mediators. We take a facilitative approach to mediating disputes, seeking to understand the underlying values that motivate the parties’ positions. In doing so, we help our mediation clients find common ground and an agreement that benefits each party as much as possible. The resolution that you reach will be put in writing at the conclusion of mediation.


Is mediation right for you? Mediation puts decisionmaking in the hands of the parties rather than the hands of the judge. Mediation can also be substantially less expensive and less time-consuming than litigation. You can use mediation at any time: before a court case is filed, during a case, or to resolve disputes after a case is closed. If you are considering mediation, contact our skilled lawyers to discuss whether mediation is a good option for your situation.

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